1. Software defects are one of the biggest concerns for most companies who are using software as the backbone for their day to day operations.
  2. Professional testing starting during the early design phase represents one of the biggest cost savings potentials for most organizations.
  3. IT Governance driven though standardized quality assurance processes can be used a foundation to drive improvements of the software lifecycle.

Andreas GolzeBio: Andreas Golze, Global Practice Director in the Professional Services department at HP (formerly Mercury), is an expert with many years` experience in the IT industry. He is one of the founders of the HP Software Quality Model, which is now the standard for many large-scale enterprise organizations around the globe. Before his move to HP, Andreas served as the Senior Executive at the TestLab Business Unit of SQS AG, having earlier crafted and built up this unit in the role of Department Manager. He was also responsible for developing and expanding partner business. Andreas Golze studied computer science and minored in business studies at the University of the Armed Forces in Munich. His career began with a position as a programming officer at NATO in Belgium. Today, Mr. Golze lives in Cologne, Germany with his wife, Petra and their four children.