SEC(R) 2008 will offer an exciting program of events, including keynote lectures by leaders in the field, invited specialized theme presentations, workshops, round table discussions and presentations of technical papers on software research, the cutting edge of practice, and new developments in software engineering.

The conference topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Technology and Technology Solutions
    • Software Tools and Development Environments
    • Software and System Architecture and Design
    • Component Based Software Engineering
    • Safety and Security
    • Software Reengineering
    • Software Refactoring
    • Open Source Engineering
    • Software Testing
    • Service Oriented Architecture
    • Software Engineering for Real-Time and Embedded Systems
    • Software Engineering for Pervasive Computing

  2. Human Aspects in Software Engineering
    • Leadership and Teamwork in Software Engineering
    • Human Capital and Resource Management
    • Skills Management and Training
    • Software Education: Curricula & Course Design
    • Usage-Centered Design and Engineering
    • Managing Client Expectations

  3. Software Project Management
    • Management of Software Development
    • Project Measurement and Analysis
    • Agile Methods
    • Test-driven Development
    • Model-driven Development
    • Software Development in Distributed Environments
    • Software Requirements Management
    • Software Maintenance
    • Product Development Management

  4. Software Process
    • Software Process and Standards
    • High Maturity Practices
    • CMMI-based Process Improvement
    • Software Process Improvement Experience
    • Agile and Software Process
    • Lean Software Development
    • SaaS Process Implementations
    • Software Process Modeling
    • Product Line Engineering Processes
    • Software and Process Quality Assurance

  5. Business
    • Return on Investment Analysis
    • Product vs. Services Business Modeling
    • Legal and Intellectual Property Issues
    • Software Economics