Abstract: The most habitual for the IT industry is the perception of model CMMI as a set of the practices, recommended for application only in development of the software and systems. Model CMMI initially included also some recommendations (in form of practices) related to management of suppliers and subcontractors. For the organizations where acquisition of services and the products prevails, such practices were not sufficient for the organization of processes. Thats why "appendices" to the base model earlier were issued, with practices adaptation for such organizations. According to the concept developed at the moment of issuing of version 1.2 of model CMMI, practices related to management of acquisition of products and services in the expanded variant have been placed in the separate model which has received name CMMI for Acquisition (in abbreviated form CMMI-ACQ), officially published in November, 2007. In the proposed presentation the following themes will be covered:

  • target audience of CMMI-ACQ model;
  • linkage between CMMI-ACQ model and earlier published CMMI for Development (CMMI-DEV) model;
  • differences between CMMI-ACQ CMMI-DEV models;
  • features of CMMI-ACQ model;
  • commonalities of appraisal methods for CMMI-ACQ CMMI-DEV model;
  • sources of additional information about CMMI-ACQ model.