15 years ago almost everyone was using file-managers (such as Norton Commander). The time has changed - today we spend the most of our time with web-browsers. This will not last forever - get prepared to the upcoming global climate change in the software world...

Bio: Vladimir L. Pavlov is the chairman and chief strategy officer of the International Software and Productivity Engineering Institute (INTSPEI). He founded INTSPEI (www.intspei.com) to launch new software development methodologies resulting from his experiments and research.

A leading expert in software development, Vladimir has previously served as director and/or CTO for top high-tech companies, including Intel and Microsoft, in the US, Ukraine, Russia, and Poland.

A frequent speaker at scientific and industrial conferences, he has authored major publications on computer science and software engineering. For more information about the International Software and Productivity Engineering Institute, visit www.intspei.com .

For more information about Vladimir L. Pavlov, visit www.vlpavlov.com