Abstract: The Intel Tera-scale Computing Research Program is a worldwide research effort to create platforms for the next decade with capabilities only dreamed of today. This requires embracing a shift to massive parallelism through scalable multi-core architectures, platforms and software which use 10s to 100s of cores to efficiently process hundreds of threads and terabytes of data. This presentation is about Intel`s research vision and the hardware and software programming research to advance it.

Bio: Jim Held is an Intel Fellow who leads a virtual team of architects conducting Tera-Scale Computing Research in Intel`s Corporate Technology Group. Since joining Intel in 1990, he has led research and development in a variety of Intel`s architecture labs concerned with media and interconnect technology, systems software, multi-core processor architecture and virtualization. Before coming to Intel, Jim worked in research and teaching capacities in the Medical School and Department of Computer Science at the University of Minnesota where he earned a Ph.D. (1988) in Computer and Information Science.