Abstract: The software product Intel Integrated Performance Primitives (IPP) and new features are described. The primitives are the building blocks that application developers can easily integrate into their products - applications, components like media plug-ins or high level libraries, in order to significantly increase their performance on Intel and compatible architectures with Windows, Linux or MacOSX operating system installed. The IPP library covers many functional domains: image and signal processing; image coding and data compression; data integrity and cryptography; speech, audio and video coding, and others. Besides of the libraries IPP product contains 50 IPP based Samples released in the source codes. Some of the samples, for example, JPEG2000 image codec and H264 video codec are competitive to the commercial products.

Several important new features were added to the product in 2008 in version IPP 6.0. We will consider two of them in more details - a Deferred Mode Image Processing (DMIP) framework exploiting the CPU cache and multi-core capability, and the IPP functions generated and optimized automatically by a special tool Spiral developed at Carnegie Mellon University.