Abstract: On a certain level of maturity every Agile team asks itself are we doing Agile or not? Do we comply, for example, combination of Scrum & XP? When your company has five, ten or twenty such teams it is necessary to track and correct them in order to provide an appropriate company-wide level of process and product quality.

Since there is no global Agile certification in the world, many teams created their own Agile checklists team assessment forms to appreciate their agility. What to do - find and use one of existed forms or create your own it depends on your process specific and your experience in teams assessments. For example, Luxoft started to use a self-assessment form from Dean Leffingwell an author of Scaling Software Agility book. During last three years, while we make Agile teams assessments, we created our own self-assessment form based on external known forms and our expertise, especially in distributed Agile.

Our experience in teams assessments shows us that it is very useful both for a company in general and for each team under assessment. For a company it creates a big picture of what is going on in Agile projects. For a team it makes a good input data for retrospectives and helps to warn about potencial problems that are not visible inside a team.