Abstract: The goal of the article is a LUXOFT experience presentation in development and implementation of LUXproject integrated development environment for software engineering process automation. Major issues of process automation tools are lack of integration, geographic team distribution, using different types of software engineering processes (therefore different sets of tools).

LUXproject is a process environment based on Atlassian products: JIRA and Confluence. Other tools required for process support could be integrated (or are already integrated) as well. Currently the solution implements RUP model (with CMMI support) and Agile model .

From the users perspective LUXproject incorporates integrated products in a single Web interface and allows using the functionality of each integrated component in any projects. UI integration leads to a number of issues in keeping the uniform UI style as well as usability issues. Known solutions are described in the article.

Functional integration allows administering all components from a single place, activities monitoring, discovering artifacts links for future traceability and managing activities. System architecture based on message bus pattern and unified domain language. This will allow developing new functionality in future releases effectively.

Major implementation scenarios are presented: implementation of the process that is already used within an existing project as well as implementation of the predefined process templates to the new projects.